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Taking time to smell the flowers I hope that I will take more time to do that this year.....Happy New Year to all my family and friends!!!

Afghan Hound......Hunters in Afghanistan once referred to the Afghan Hound as “the Noah’s Ark dog”.

Bull Terrier... Originally bred as a fighting dog, a Bull Terrier is a very muscular and strong-willed breed. As they can turn aggressive towards other animals, they don't make great pets for first time dog owners. But if they are well socialized, they will do wonderful with all animals and people!They do well in warm weather climates, and would like a sweater in the colder ones. Bullies can be easy to groom coat and an easy to train temper, but on the other hand they're prone to drooling and ca

puppy | name Shunsuke kun :) We have a pommerian and she looks like this cute...