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"My closest houses the same clothes. Copies of the others, just like the girls at school."

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Eleonore Bridgefrom Eleonore Bridge

Cold spring

Winter had finally come, marking the end of an era. It was time to train her successor and say farewell. She let out a deep sigh of relief. At long last the weight of the world would come to fall on someone else's shoulders. <--previous pinner

They're too busy being horrible terrified of being heartbroken to realize that their hearts are already in each other's hands

Good picture of Private High School during diner time at the cafeteria...

She looked so broken, sitting all alone at the empty booth with her arms wrapped around her. He didn't know if he should talk to her or let her sit in the silence of the diner.

He had his glasses in his pocket and a stack of books balanced in one hand. He was searching for something in the pockets of his school pants.