Darling, you're beautiful.

Get your sparkle on, how this world where you belong. ~ Barbie


You Are BEUTIFL Everyday!

You Are Beautiful ♥

You are beautiful. All of you. Love yourself the way you wish your most idea lover would and go out and love without neediness. Love from a place of gratitude and fullness. You will attract love back to you.

I will choose to do what I love.

You are Beautiful!

@Christina Childress Lambert

I just wanted to say that you are beautiful!!! Never let anyone tell you different! I know I don't know what you guys look like but I promise you that you are BEAUTIFUL! You don't have to be someone your not to get people to like you. The right people will love you for who you are! Never give up! Remember you are worth it! I love all of you guys and thank you!!!!❤ -Aubree

You are amazing just how you are, Just the way that God made you! No make up or anything else, it only covers up the beauty that is you. You are Beautiful Ashley <3 I Love You <3


Kate Spade quote - "She is quick & curious & playful & strong" This is the way I'd describe my ideal self #favorite


I hate it when people acuse me for flirting when I'm seriously just trying to be nice to someone....worst thing ever!

Hey I wanted to tell you- that smile of yours drives me crazy.

I wouldn't let anyone else talk that way about you, so you don't get to do it, either! Love yourself.

I love all 3 of my daughters!


To the Mom who's pretty sure she's screwing it all up.................. STOP Danielle McWilliams-Fonda