Resting Place

forest house

Window Love>> this is what I need, but on the top level of an apartment building

japanese style with bonsai garden



wouldn't this be perfect for a stormy afternoon nap!

Tree house.


Master attic bedroom, french doors, bamboo shades, blue walls, neutral bedding

I love the peeled logs. Timber frame architectural stock photography, timber frame patio looking out to mountain view and setting sun, private residence, yellowstone club, montana, locati architects, design associates, schlauch bottcher construction

Eclectic treehouse-like guest room, like Mormor's house

This reminds me of the university student's studio apartments when I was a kid.

architecture home interior design house bedroom attic vaulted ceiling bohemian romantic

Bedroom in the attic

Part of me thinks this space is cool, relaxing and exactly where I picture myself living. Another part of me says that I don't want to be a hippie my whole life and maybe I should have a more "refined" or "sophisticated" (i.e. rich) style. How to choose? I choose hippie!!!!



vaulted ceiling bedroom. This reminds me of Danielle's attic bedroom in Ever After. Which is by the way one of the most amazing movies ever!

child's dream treehouse