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  • Amani Moreland

    fill a room with balloons! bucket list

  • Erick ރhə 1sރ

    Pink balloon party

  • StePhaNie ReNee


  • Julia Pires

    We should do this for senior prank!!!

  • Ashley Hollinger

    What a happy entrance to your surprise party, birthday morning wake-up or wedding reception entrance :) love it.w.d.worden

  • bethany smith

    I look down the stairs, and see at least a hundred pink balloons! I hear some rustling, then I hear that familiar voice, "Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday dear Azalea...Happy birthday to you!" I trudge down the stairs, and when I get to the bottom I hear, "You have to find me to get your birthday kiss, but if I find you first..." She just trails off laughing. "Oh ho but you forget how fantastic I am at hide and seek!" I run through the balloons, sending them flying

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Wouldn’t it be amazing to come around a corner, and find a floor full of giant, delicate, unpoppable plastic bubbles? Well, if you’re lucky enough to see the installation work of German artist Luka Fineisen, that’s exactly what you’ll get! *POP*

Pink Balloons: Martin Creed, Work No. 329 by w.d.worden #photography Palloncini Rosa, Fotografia #foto

Martin Creed. Martin filled a gallery with pink balloons, it could never look bad could it.

I wish someone would do this to me. Tell my parents lol!

helium balloons in ceiling with tassels in theme colours

Love the Creative Mind! This is Martin Creed, Work No. 329: Half of the Air in a Given space, 2011

i learned that you can get this by putting tiny lights or glow in the dark stick and put them in balloons to get the

Birthday Party: how to fill this instead of pinatas so each child can pop a balloon & get the goodies inside