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  • Heronn Leoncio de Freitas

    Nature, Animals, Wildlife: The Beauty at one place

  • Sandie Bagshaw

    Black Swan -- The symbol of Perth, Western Australia..... the Beautiful City in which I live

  • dolly mcphillips

    Black Swan. I know I am beautiful and the queen owns me

  • Klaverro

    Rare black swan All Black Swans, in England, belong to the Queen. #nature

  • Dafne de Souza

    THE REALLY BLACK SWAN AND theres babys. #blackswan

  • ♥༺♥༺♥ The Lady Caroline ♥༺♥༺♥

    The Black Swan - The Queen does not own all swans in the UK, but all swans are protected by law. Killing one, which is considered killing a wild bird, attracts a sentence of six months and a fine of five thousand pounds. Today, the Crown retains the right to ownership of all unmarked mute swans in open water, but The Queen only exercises her ownership on certain stretches of the Thames and its surrounding tributaries.

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Black Swan by Old-Man-George on Flickr

Treccani: snob ‹snòb› s. ingl. [parola che significava in origine «cittadino di basso ceto» e nell’ingl. dialettale «ciabattino», assunta nel gergo studentesco inglese per indicare una persona estranea all’ambiente, passata quindi a significare «persona non fine, non adeguata a un ambiente colto e raffinato», e diffusa in Europa dal romanzo The book of snobs (1848) di W. Thackeray; è priva di fondamento l’opinione, molto diffusa, che sia un’abbreviazione della locuz. lat. s(ine) nob(ilitate).

Black Swan. The swans are the largest members of the waterfowl family Anatidae, and are among the largest flying birds. The largest species, including the mute swan, trumpeter swan, and whooper swan, can reach length of over 60 inches & weigh over 33 pounds. Their wingspans can be almost 10 ft. Compared to the closely related geese, they are much larger in size: feet and necks. They also have a patch of unfeathered skin between the eyes and bill in adults. Young are called Cygnet

These are the swans I pass by a few times a day at Ko'Olina! they are beautiful...

Black Swans Heart. Go to www.YourTravelVid... or just click on photo for home videos and much more on sites like this.

mystic-revelations: Black Swan kois 黑天鵝 錦鯉 By Mel s away

Black swan... Photo by Daysleeper40 on flickr. THE VERY NATURE OF BLACK

Black Swan -- I like this straight on shot