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    ♥ duckies

    Did you know that when ducks are geese are grown up, they mate for Life - and if a hunter shoots a duck, the mate will often stay with the injured one until he/she dies. Talk about love! I will never understand how anyone can kill for Fun...taking a precious life and it's called should be called Killing as that's what it is.

    Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming

    baby ducky!

    Duck, duck, duck...


    so cute!

    The Ugly Duckling: who would call this baby swan (cygnet) ugly?!?

    swimming duck

    Oh, gosh... I guess we'll need the duckies too. Three Ducklings, by Sharon Montrose | 20x200

    I had a baby duck when in college. The little sweetie swam in the tub after he grew too big for the sink. Sadly, he went to the farm when his quack got spoof loud. He had a good life there.

    LOOK AT THE TINY DUCK SITTING LIKE A HUMAN. - buzzfeed of cute ducklings

    Was fortunate enough to be able to baby-sit a few orphaned baby ducks - One of the best experiences ever! I want some baby duckies



    snuggle babies.

    ♬ Wake Up, Little Duckie, Wake Up! ♫

    Baby duck swimming, cutest picture this year