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I love you more than I could ever explain to you. Your my everything. <3

I'm homesick for you. God, I'm ready to start my life with her now. My heart longs to embrace yours and feel your beating heart sync with my own. The thunderstorm and lightening of our affinity toward each other culminating in your embrace. *sigh* Jesus, I want my family again... I just hurt without them. Help me cope with the loss please, please.

And whenever I see you it doesn't make me happy. It makes me sad. The butterflies go to my heart and break it down. I can't have you. It makes me sad can't you see?-to the ones this is to

When someone is going through a #storm, your silent presence is more #powerful than a million empty words | Pinned by KarmicFit | #quotes #inspiration #motivation #kindness #thoughts

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#1 SECRET love trick that will make ANY MAN desire you...CLICK TO SEE..My life has changed because of this.

And the memory of feeling hurt hurts just as much... :( @keatondockery hurts to much

Hey, I miss you a lot, so much it feels like I have a knot in my throat. I wish you and your family a merry Christmas. I love you

My thoughts cannot move an inch without bumping into some piece of you. And I cannot stop myself from constantly falling into you. -ja