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Moment: Spontaneous- The person in this photo seems to be going through spontaneous combustion and the photo is black and white.

lightning bolt in black clouds | taken in my beloved Arizona | Sierra Vista, Arizona 15 August, 2010 | Steve Maguire, Eye of the Storm Photography

Ali Shokri

What an explosion! That's going to make for one nasty pyroclastic flow.

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White-water rapids is my guess, but the original website is a 404 error page, and so far the pinners I've checked haven't listed what it is, except snow. The motion doesn't seem to correlate with snow.

Cloud ice cream cone. The fluffy clouds look exactly like ice cream. #photography #summer #icecream # clouds

Clouds - variations of white..... This is why I'll fight anyone for the window seat on a flight. Amazing.

Well I could keep it above But then it wouldn't be sky anymore So if I send it to you you've got to promise to keep it whole Don't fall on me



storm clouds over water | nature + weather photography


The Ice Crystal Rainbow ~ Iridescent Cloud, Pacheco

(rePinned 091413TLK) above the clouds...