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Samples of wool which I dyed with various natural dyes last summer. They are Brazilwood, Madder, White Onion skins, Red Onion skins, Turmeric,Weld, Indigo and Ornamental Maize and some which are a mixture of two of these. They were all mordanted with Alum.

Viking Lady Ainefrom Viking Lady Aine

Red Onions to dye……..

Red onion skins as a dye stuff

Wool and Dyes Oaxaca The bowls in the back contain a variety of substances which can be used to dye wool yarn. All of the skeins of yarn in the foreground were dyed using these natural substances. Pretty amazing. Seen at the home and workshop of Sr. Bulmaro Perez who lives in Teotitlan del Valle Oaxaca Mexico.

My stash of hand dyed wool. I have used all sorts of plant dyes to try to recreate colours used in Viking times and onwards. Included are woad, indigo, madder, weld, cochineal and more.

Herbs/Spices for Natural Dyes. Good for soaps, clothes etc. Black: black walnut, alder Brown: burdock, comfrey, fennel, onion, geranium Gold: goldenrod, plantain, safflower, agrimony Blue: indigo, elder, elecampane Pink: bloodroot, chicory, madder Green: agrimony, angelica, betony, coltsfoot, foxglove, marjoram, rosemary, tansy, yarrow Gray: poplar, raspberry Red: dandelion, St. Johns Wort, sweet woodruff, hops

The ways of the whorlfrom The ways of the whorl

Natural Dyeing Take 2: Onion skins

How to dye naturally with onion skins

Natural dye technique from Etsy labs using tumeric, golden onion skins, or red cabbage. I notice there are no mordants unless salt is considered a mordant. (Alum salt is a mordant, but I don't if know plain salt is.)

natural dyes... purple grape juice - lavender small quantity of red onion skins or red wine - violet blue spinach leaves - green turmeric - yellow carrots - orange coffee - brown beets - pink lots of red onion skins - red red cabbage - blue