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    Samples of wool which I dyed with various natural dyes last summer. They are Brazilwood, Madder, White Onion skins, Red Onion skins, Turmeric,Weld, Indigo and Ornamental Maize and some which are a mixture of two of these. They were all mordanted with Alum.

    DIY food coloring dyed yarn

    Blue White...

    Indigo Dyeing.

    Wool dyed with woad, all from the same dyebath, getting progressively weaker. As you can see, the third one has tinges of pink to it where it hasn't oxidised properly.

    japanese technique shibori to create this unique piece, it's made of un natural white merino wool which Was felted by hand.This item may be purchased on

    Dyed Wool Rug by Margaret Simms- Dyed with Dharma Acid Dyes- Amazing Job!

    1. Cochineal 2. Cochineal and Indigo second dip 3. Cochineal and Indigo, first dip 4. Indigo exhaust, Golden Rod, Birch Leaves, Marjoram, Globe Artichoke leaves 5. Coreopsis Flowers. Alum mordant.


    Wool scarf hand dyed indigo tartan Japanese shibori by Flextiles, £30.00

    natural dyes... red onion skins...

    Natural Dyes tutorial

    DON'T FORGET THIS SITE -- good stuff on this page

    Make a Miniature Pom Pom Tree - tutorial

    Dyeing with Coreopsis

    white, sky blue, cloudy grey, storm, pale apple & shocking pink - yarns

    Ecu, turmeric, red cabbage, euc leaves in iron pot...

    dyed lace

    Copper as a mordant

    Beautiful embroidered bee! From Di van Niekerk's blog...