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    • Jennie Bo

      This picture is of a Narwhal, also called the "unicorn of the ocean." It is one of the rarest whales in the world, with its large horn-like tusk on their faces. Their population is around 45,000-50,000, they are found in the Atlantic and Russian waters of the Arctic.

    • Kaixinfun

      Narwhal: The narwhal is a medium-sized toothed whale and possesses a large "tusk" from a protruding canine tooth (which makes them look like underwater unicorns). It lives year-round in the Arctic waters around Greenland, Canada, and Russia.

    • Corey Irwin | Cooking with Corey

      Narwhals. #sea #ocean #aquatic #water #life #animal #mammal #marine #biology #nature #photography

    • Shelly Porter Artworks

      narwhals! The ocean's unicorn! I have no idea how these animals swim without hurting each other.

    • Tiffani C.

      narwhals! The ocean's unicorn! And one of the most extraordinary animals on the planet.

    • Nikki Klimowicz

      narwhals! The ocean's unicorn! My favorite animal!!!!!

    • Kaitlin Smith

      Narwals are like unicorn sea creatures. Thus, awesome.

    • Sasha Schukin

      unicorn whales! (Narwals) :D

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    Narwhal - This toothed whale, found in the arctic, has been valued for over 1000 years by the Inuit people for its meat and ivory. The narwhal, however, is especially sensitive to the climate change. (Image credits: Richard Thomas)