My Pet Reindeer

welcome to my world kid.

What a great photo!

ostrich ride.

Day at the sea,1912

Victorian Kitchen

Mrs Thompson of Elgin Park, Pennsylvania pictured here with her world record potato.

8 year old Coal Miner

Jefferson Coates, who lost both eyes at Gettysburg and was awarded the Medal of Honor ca 1870

Illustration from 1923 Popular Science Monthly.


Hattie Stewart (the Bronx, New York) ~ World female boxing champion (1884)

Graves of a Catholic woman and her Protestant husband, who were not allowed to be buried together. Roermond, NL, 1888

Interior of Room (1860s)

Australian model caught distracted during a photo shoot when the first plane hit tower 1. What an epic photo. It’s so weird to think that normal things were happening on 9/11. People were walking their dogs, riding their bikes, models were doing photoshoots… and the planes hit.

The Bearded Lady

Cake to celebrate the success of the atomic testing program, 1946. You cannot make this stuff up.

Adding Color To Iconic Photos…super cool! But I just don't think color says it like black and white does

hipstahistory: Victorian kids on stilts. A brief Internet search doesn’t bring up anything regarding who took the photograph, or who the children are.

victorian couple on a tandem bicycle. c.1890s "You'll look sweet, upon the seat, of a bicycle built for two."

Miss America 1924 She is gorgeous!!! What would society say of her today -2014?