How to flat iron and get volume.

Jessica Simpson. Her haircut is cute here for short hair. I've had this cut with blonde hair and with red hair LOVE IT!!! (Alyssa)

Hairstyles for Fat Round Faces | ... Hair Styles and Cuts » Blog Archive » Best Haircuts for Round Faces

This is much like my last GREAT cut, from Seth Lombardi. I did love this cut.. it was easy to wear and I could fluff it up for volume nicely. But the sandy blonde color would be a new look for me, for sure!

Hair Fix Series: No More Flat Bangs

hair-This will take you to a video clip of her using a flat iron. ***Also she has TONS of great hair tutorials

How to bump-up your ponytail without using anything crazy!

I want to be able to do this type of curly hair with her type of bang. This hair stylist blogger does video tutorials of all different ways to style medium length hair." data-componentType="MODAL_PIN


Love the side sweep at the front and volume also! such an elegant up-do!


Video tutorial : how to curl your hair ( at first I thought 'really? I know how to curl my hair' but I watched it out of curiosity and Wow! I learned the 'right' way to do it where your curls actually stay!!) awesome stuff this girl has on her blog

Best Blowout Tips - How to Do a Blow Out At Home - Marie Claire. Tip: When you blow dry your hair – do not flip all the way over to add volume. Push your hair forward from the back of the top of your head. That’s where you want the volume – not by the base of your neck.

How to curl with a flat iron

How to curl hair with a flat iron

The Small Things Blog: Elegant Half Up

You'll be sad you didn't pin. Every hair tip there ever was, categorized in one place.

love this haircut!

really short layers on top help to make hair look full and volumized like this. If I ever grow my hair out! - Keri - I wish my hair was still this long, I'd be going for this style for sure!! :) Maybe then I'd look like her!! LOL

Love the hair

Big volume