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But, with her babe upon her knee, Naught recked that Mother of the tree “Christmas Tales and Christmas Verse” by Eugene Field. Illustrated by Florence Storer. Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1912. Can be found at

mother Mary and child Jesus. His little face here reminds me of my son.

Mother Mary and Jesus... j guidry I never randomly run across Mary on here!

Madonna - Mary & Jesus by C. Bosseron Chambers (I think it's Chambers anyway)

I more than like Jesus, I love Him. I will not diminish the description created by the one i shared this from "Saint Mary , Mother of Jesus Oh, how it hurt to lose your Son."

Mary. The virgin mary became the maiden, virginal goddess archetype who faithfully intercedes for people with the gods and attends their needs. Mother indeed.

Mother Mary speaks to me in words of wisdom Let it be.

God made the most beautiful woman possible, and He made us her children.

People have asked me why Catholics worship Mary, and my response is always the same "we do not worship Her, we honor Her as her son did, so why wouldn't we?"