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thank you babe <3 I'm so blessed to have been able to shared so many wonderful moments and memories with u. I will cherish them forever and always keep u close in my heart!!!! I love you baby

Missing someone is your heart's way of reminding you that you love them. Instead of being sad choose to think about the good memories and all the joy you shared. I miss being in your arms, knowing you were mine,always being there,never afraid of kissing me or holding my hand in front of your friends. You used to love telling your friends she's mine

Not how I am feeling, but reminds me to mind my own business and take a step back, my life is my life, your life is your life, who are we to judge or tell anyone how to live their own life?

This is for you @Janae McKendry! I dont think I have been mad at you but I know you have been mad at me! But you are my best friend and I love you to pieces and the lil human inside of you!

You're my favorite place to visit when my mind searches for peace. I miss you Mamaw :(