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model of blood made from candy - i seriously would love to keep this for the lab at work to explain/distract kids while taking their blood.

Learning what makes up our blood - really really great way to show them!!

blood model - cool! definitely be a school age experience

Once upon a time... Life - The blood (1 of 3)

Human Body: Learning About Blood blood-model = Jar of water dyed yellow: plasma Cheerios: red blood cells. I squirted red food coloring on them while dry and put in a small ziplock bag. Then when they were added to the plasma, they turned the water red (which is why blood looks red—because of the red blood cells) Marshmallows: white blood cells Purple pom poms: platelets

▶ NEED TO KNOW | Blood test: What you don't know about blood | PBS - YouTube

Activities: Explore Blood Science! I'm doing this with my kids in a couple weeks-it should be fun!

**Please watch, excellent video about Sickle Cell- Children's Hospital of Los Angeles; very enlightening***( If you can donate blood, please do, thanks!)

▶ What Color is Your Blood? - YouTube. I just want to cry with joy... finally a great video clip to explain that human blood is NEVER, EVER blue in color.

What 1 drop of blood says about your health #infographic