Chocolate cobbler--- I have made this recipe for YEARS!!! Follow the recipe-and serve with GOOD vanilla ice cream (I like Blue Belle)-- it never disappoints! No matter where I take it or who I serve it to, I am asked for the recipe.

Old Fashioned Peach Cobbler | I was searching for a peach cobbler recipe that reminded me of the yummy dessert I ate as a young boy in Southeast Missouri. No shortcuts here. Fresh peaches and homemade crust...but worth every minute! Absolutely delicious served warm with vanilla ice cream! Never any leftovers with this dessert!

The fluffy cobbler becomes even richer with nutty pecans and a brown sugar sauce. Get the recipe at Call Me PMC. -

I'm totally making this for Easter this year!!!

Chocolate Cobbler - Very easy to follow recipe.

oh yum!

HolyCrapThisIsAmazing Chocolate Cobbler

Taco Pie: delicious savory pie w a taco seasoned, crisp potato crust, a layer of ground beef, sour cream, cheese, lettuce & tomato. Good hearty pie to serve Superbowl Sunday.

The gentleman who gave me this recipe told me he’d been making candy for over 45 years and this was the Billion Dollar Bar as far as he was concerned. He’d made divinity, all sorts of fudge, tempered chocolate, spun sugar, and pulled taffy, but this is his favorite.

OMGosh, these are amazing! I made these for dessert tonight. I made a pan of apple and a pan of cherry. The sauce is incredible. The cooked tortillas are so light. Easy to make and delish! My husband said Im never allowed to make them again, because he cant stop eating them. ) I highly recommend trying this one. Original pinner said Apple enchiladas. Serve warm with good vanilla ice cream.

Recipe for Spring Strawberry Sheet Cake - This recipe is a symbol of spring, the pink cake with pink frosting is a fan favorite any time of the year. The cold dessert with flecks of strawberry is at its best the longer it is refrigerated.

German Chocolate Bundt -- I get asked for the recipe EVERY TIME I serve this cake! My go-to for parties and get togethers.

Pinner says "Trust me on this: These are the BEST bars ever! You can't eat just one! Best of all, pretty much everything in them is healthful and nutritious!"

Lemon Brownies # Pin++ for Pinterest #

Fresh Apple Cake. When it comes out of the oven, you pour over a mixture of butter, buttermilk, whole cane sugar, and vanilla and let it soak in. The result? A caramel-like buttery outside everyone will fight for.

Vanilla Bean Butter-Rum Poundcakes

Slow Cooker Chocolate Lava Cake. Made this for Christmas dinner, it was amazing! So easy and so good! Must be served with vanilla ice cream!! ;)

Vanilla Pudding Snickerdoodles | These might be /toooo/ good. Like little Snickerdoodle cakes that melt in your mouth... uuuugghhhhh :D They're super good and I'll definitely be making them again since Snickerdoodles are muh FAVES <3

Homemade ice cream? Yes, Please! Ice Cream Maker BUY NOW!

Peach Floating Cobbler