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Because It's Awesome: the i am project. Found this on the Beacuse It's Awesome blog. While sometimes life demands we make black and white decisions, you have to LIVE in color. It's so much fun that way :)


I'm a passionate romantic who loves all things sensual. This means that now and then, not everything...

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The best colors that never looked the way it seemed.

Share Tweet + 1 Mail One of the nicest parts of starting a new year is the surge of motivation that ...

Unless you genuinely have confidence then it doesn't matter what color you wear.

It's not the color of our skin that makes us different. It's the color of our THOUGHTS.

What Do You REALLY Think of God?

Whether you realize it or not, you have a “theology” and a set of “doctrines” to which you hold fast. We all do. So, what do you really believe about God? And, why does it matter? Why not stop by today to take a little assessment and find out more?

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Bible Journaling by @lynzeebrooke