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    Only 6 months of hard work. The time will pass by anyway, might as well make the best out of it!

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    Handstand and a kiss? Sign me up!

    engagement shoot?

    1. Drink one glass of water every hour. 2. Drink ice cold water. Your body will burn calories just getting the water to a normal temperature to digest. Also it is great for your complexion. 3. Drink 3 cups of green tea daily. It will help boost your metabolism, plus its anti-oxidants make your skin look great. 4. Take vitamins daily. Do not take vitamins on an empty stomache, otherwise they have nothing to catalyze with. 5. Take cold showers because your body will burn calories to heat you back up. 6. Sleep at least six hours a day. If you get less than six this can lower your metabolism by 15%. 7. Pamper yourself! Give yourself a facial, paint your nails, anything to make you feel pretty. 8. Get out of your house! 9. Keep track of everything you eat. Look at it daily for inspiration. 10. Keep good posture, burns 10% more calories when you sit up straight. 11. Eat lots of fiber. It makes you feel full and takes fat with it out of your body. The natural cleansing helps improve both your energy level and overall feeling of wellness. 12. Before you dig into that cake, bag of chips, candy, or whatever, take a deep breath and count to 100. Usually by the time you get to 100 you will have convinced yourself that you don’t really want it. 13. Eating 100 cals 4 times a day is better than eating a 400 cal meal.

    8-Week Bikini Ready Legs and Butt Program

    dolphin kiss!

    One of my favorite books

    isn't this true?



    Engagement photo ideas #chalkboard

    This has always been one of my favorite true!