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Her Father by Ross Charnock. What would you do if you knew you were seeing your father for the last time?

Teaching A Growth Mindset

Gowth Mindset

Growth Mindset Vs Fixed Mindset

Grade Mindset

Growing Mindset

Growth Mindset Activities Kids

Tv Movie

Movie Scenes


The Best TV/Movie Scenes Demonstrating A “Growth Mindset” – Help Me Find More | Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day…

Motivational Short

Teacher Motivational Videos

Motivational Testing Treats

Growth Mindset Video

Mindset Videos

Mindset Clips

Mindset Lessons

Growth Mindset Activities

Succeed Cartoon

Motivational short video - How to succeed - cartoon from "Monster's University."

Writing Lesson Middle School

Art Videos For Middle School

Mini Writing Lessons

Videos Writing

Writing Tasks

Year 6 Writing

Middle School Enrichment Activities

Education Middle School English Lessons

First Day Of School Video Clips

Great mini videos each with their own list of suggested guiding questions and writing tasks. Built for elementary school but by changing the questions could be used in middle school.

Simply Kinderfrom Simply Kinder

Back To School Videos for Teachers

Kindergarten Video

Kindergarten General

School 206

School Night

Ag Class

Grade Class

Media Resources

Education Resources

Expectations Making

Back to School Video List for Teachers. Everything from rules to making friends to the first day jitters.

Funny Animals Videos

Videos Funny

Animated Animals

Cutest Videos

Funny Teacher Videos

Funny Video Clips

Facs Videos

See Videos

Teamwork Funny

Beginning of the year: lesson on teamwork. Have the kiddos watch video and discuss what the animals were doing and how they used teamwork to reach their goal.

Teaching Videos

Activities Videos

Teaching Grit Activities

Persistence Activities For Kids

Movie Clips For Teaching

Pbis Videos

Teaching Inspiration

Inspiration For Students

Inspirational Movie

Great video for students teaching about grit, why it is important and what it is.

Math Teacher

Classroom Math

Teaching Math

Classroom Ideals

Teaching Career

Algebra Activities

Teaching Videos

Classroom Technology

Math Topics

Math in the Movies - video clips from 155 movies in which mathematics appears.

Teach Writing

Writing Lessons

Classroom Writing

School Writing

Classroom Ideas

Writing Genres

Writing Short Stories Teaching

Genre Lessons

4Th Grade Writing Prompts

The Literacy Shed. A collection of videos on each writing genre.

Metaphors And Similes

Writing Similes

Grammar Similes

Grade Reading

School Reading

Teaching Reading

Reading Writing

Teaching Stuff

Video Clips For Teaching

This is a short video with several different clips form movies that give examples of similes. This is very effective because the movies used are popular in our age group therefore making students have more interest in watching it.

Affect Regulation

Zones Of Regulation Activities

Sensory Regulation

Self Regulation

Emotional Regulation

Regulation Playlist

Zones Of Regulation Video Clips

Short Youtube

Clip Youtube

Yellow Zone (Zones of Regulation) (playlist)

Change Movie

Change 1

Wingclip Videos

Video Sleepy

Video Viewers

1 Video

Video Clips

Inspirational Movie

Reading Videos

Showing how characters change #1 video Sleepy Kittens - Movie Clip from Despicable Me at

Writing Websites For Kids

Picture Prompts For Writing For Kids

Video Writing Prompts

Second Grade Writing Prompts

Writing Revision

Elem Writing

Three Writing

Writing Videos

Writing School

The Literacy Shed - An amazing website full of short video clips (FREE!) and writing prompts to accompany each video! Keep the kids engaged and writing for the whole year!

Regulation Playlist

Zones Of Regulation Video Clips

Regulation Group

Emotional Regulation

Zone Zones

Zones Groups

Thinking Zones

Social Thinking

Comic Material

Some Advice - Being a happier person

Character Traits Change

Teaching Character Change

Character Roles

Character Education Videos

Character Changes

Character And Setting

Character Analysis

Changing Characters

How Characters Change

Showing how characters change - #2 video Changed His Heart - Movie Clip from Despicable Me at

YouTubefrom YouTube

6th Grade Character Traits ELA

School Reading

Teaching Reading

School Ela

Movie Clips For Teaching

Reading Logs 5Th Grade

Teaching Videos

Guided Reading


Group Activity

6th Grade Character Traits ELA - YouTube-You name the character traits of the characters-partner or group activity

Social Skills Video Clips

Social Videos

Videos Slp

Teaching Sarcasm

Social Skills Sarcasm

Sarcasm Speech Therapy

Social Skills Autism

Speech Therapy Ideas

Winner'S Social

Playlist of video clips to use with teaching Michelle Garcia Winner's Social Thinking, social skills, classroom yoga, and more!

Movies Quiz

Movies Movie

Movies Videos

Movie Clip

Disney Movies

Language Movie

Language Pop

Speech Language Room

Literary Language

This is the best! Figurative language examples from lots of different movies, with a little quiz at the end!

All Access Passfrom All Access Pass

Teaching Figurative Language with Media

Teaching Reading

Grade Reading

Classroom Reading

School Reading

Classroom Ideas

8 Reading

Teaching Upper

Reading Ideas


Use these short videos to teach older children figurative language and inferences…fantastic post!

Top Trending

Trending Clips

Funny Animal Videos Youtube

Funny Video Clips

Grumpy Dogs

Funny Grumpy

2016 Video

Dog'S Prayer


Funny Grumpy Dog Pet Video Compilation 2016 : Video Clips From The Coolest One

Science Classes

Science Videos

Science Teaching

Science Stuff

Grade Science

Science Process

Classroom Science

Taught Science

Kid Science

YouTube video showing the scientific process in real life. Inappropriate show but appropriate clip for elementary, middle, and high school science classes.