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[ Tim Noble & Sue Webster ]

[ Tim Noble & Sue Webster ]

[ Tim Noble & Sue Webster ]

[ Tim Noble & Sue Webster ]

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[ Tim Noble & Sue Webster ]

Shadow Art by Tim Noble and Sue Webster | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration

Amazing Shadow Sculptures by Tim Noble and Sue Webster | Marvelous http://www.thisismarvelous.com/i/4-Amazing-Shadow-Sculptures-by-Tim-Noble-and-Sue-Webster


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A Hole, 2005: British artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster are a creative team known for their experimental art including these mind-boggling light and shadow sculptures. The duo forms abstract works from, which upon first glance, look like nothing other than straightforward piles of trash.

Time projection by Adam Martinakis - how would i feel if there were two other dimensions depicted here

Man with No Shadows by Makoto Tojiki: Consruction of a life-sized man made of LED lights which hang on threads from the ceiling.

painting by the sea by valeriane-le blond

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