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The bees are facing a crisis throughout the country with colony collapse disorder as well as pesticide usage.

Drought conditions could increase chances for poisoning in livestock

The corpse flower at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden in Belmont is blooming now. The garden is open late today and Wednesday for visitors.

A blackberry lily has some resemblance to an iris.

UNC-Charlotte The so-called corpse flower at UNCC is about to bloom. The rare bloom will last just 12-24 hours.

Planthoppers leave a sticky secretion called honeydew, which is unsightly and may attract black sooty mold.

Cooperative Extension Rowan County Master Gardeners are planning a Plant Propagation Workshop for July 1.

Rose rosette is virus that causes the tips to produce a thistle-like growth.

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Catawba College students start beekeeping project #honeybee

Rowan Rose Society’s 56th annual rose show began Saturday at West End Plaza, the former Salisbury Mall. Nineteen rose growers entered this year’s show.

How well do you know your geraniums?

For about a week, honey bees swarmed around Keppel Auditorium. The bees numbered several thousand at times. The college was unable to remove the swarming bees, and on Friday announced its Saturday graduation would move from Keppel Auditorium to Omwake-Dearborn Chapel

You should not fear a swarm and if you see one, you should let Cooperative Extension or your local beekeeper know if you have one

Growing mushrooms is no easy task

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Harsh cold puts peach yield in peril

The best time to plant bearded iris is July through September.

This is not a space alien feeding on a tree, it's a cedar apple rust gall

Carpenter bees often return to the nests they bored out the previous year.

The recent freeze damaged this camellia, as seen in the burned flowers.

Catawba students help preserve Piedmont longleaf pine #Conservancy #Nature

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Tips on pruning roses; Saturday offers experience