Elephant Connections

Elephant Family in transit…


Twin Baby Elephants, East Africa - photo by Diana Robinson, via 500px

Aww! Baby elephants loving on each other. Precious!

The Reach by Marlon du Toit :)

^Elephants hug

Gentle love ✿⊱╮

..loving it..

My favorite animal, African elephants


this picture makes me so happy.

SPEAK OUT! TELL South Africa: NO DECREASE IN ELEPHANT PROTECTIONS! Proposed amendments by the Dept. of Environmental Affairs (DEA) to remove ALL welfare-based provisions relating to elephants could allow the removal of elephants from the wild for captivity and also allow elephants to be exported out of South Africa, opening up trade routes to launder elephants to the highest bidder. PLZ Sign and Share Widely!

momma and baby african elephant

Elephant family

The African elephant is the largest mammal on earth, the biggest being the Kalahari elephant. Part of the ‘Big Five’ you can catch sight of them in Ngorongoro, Tanzania and Lake Manyara. It may be surprising to find they actually have excellent memory and intelligence, and it has been observed that (especially male) elephants have a hatred of rhinoceros and sometimes resort to killing them.

True love does exist. Elephants are the only other animals that cry tears and have funerary habits. They are amazing animals. This is why they are my favorite animal.

Love by Martin Abela

Elephant stretch!

. Such a beautiful picture

This reminds me of a similar precious moment I witnessed in Namibia