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"Unspoken Communication . . . so true" Stereotyping bollocks.

the sweetest things you can do for a girl are the little things that let her know she's in your heart and mind

not only is his music amazing, but HE is amazing

Exactly. Because they dont mean anything by it. So let it go. Stop asking your girlfriends what it means...they dont know!!! No matter how knowledgable your friends seem, they arent guys. Stop driving yourself crazy and driving men away with this silliness. Just enjoy yourself and that will make you attractive.

You don't normally see things with this color scheme/opacity. It is cool

This reminds me of the image that was on our wedding invitation and I love the quote.

Just showed my husband and he said "really?!?!" :)... hahaha! this is so true! what quick thought processors we are!!!

Awwwww idk who the hell this guy is (not very attractive) but the quote is cute - pretty sure HE didn't say it though.. prolly some chick who dreams too much cuz guys don't say this stuff

@Mallory Scott I think this applies to a certain person I know. Except it should read Did you and your wife have a fight again?

The Rules to Always Being a Gentleman. This would be so cute in a little boy's room!

Yeah basically, which is sad because I hate lots of tabs open on the computer. :P Or maybe that's why I don't like it on the computer... because I already have too many open in my brain.

Ugh. Of all the amazing, life-changing moments in this movie, why is THIS the most quoted??