Big 7 Division Strategy

Can’t wait for the big Thanksgiving Day football game? Encourage your kids to kick off some intensive integer computation with this fun worksheet.

FREEBIES - Fun Games 4 Learning: More NO PREP Math Games - Print and Play games for multiplication and division

Maths Division Wheels - FREE download!

Long Division Flip Books-good idea for the steps of certain math strategies

Long Division for Kids who Can't Multiply: A smartboard lesson that teaches both the teacher and students how to complete long division problems with and without remainders.

Math Antics - Long division

Multiplication and Division Strategies posters

Scientific Method Printables

Fun math video ..Kids will be talking about this one all day. After watching the video, ask students to explain in writing what is wrong with his math thinking..then discuss.

Long division anchor chart

Division strategies anchor chart and printables!

Fractions, decimals, percent in name art

Division- "In place of the traditional method for division, Marilyn Burns shows how to teach students with the ladder method. Students divide a dividend with multiples of ten rather than break the dividend apart..."

chunking division strategy

long division activity

six tips for division with decimals

To elementary students, decimals = money. Betsy Weigle shares how she introduces decimals on her Classroom Teacher Resources website.

FREE Division: Interpreting the Remainder Handout and Posters

division strategies

Fractions, Decimals, Percents