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    Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons: Dividing Fun!

    This interacitve book is a supplement to "The Doorbell Rang" by Pat Hutchins. Explore division and equal sharing while simultaneously reading the book, individually, in small groups or as a reteach or intervention activity! Pages follow story and have room for students to show groups and write division sentences that match the division problems that arise every time the doorbell rings!

    Multiplication and Division

    FREEBIE - Division Bump Games Freebie from Games 4 Learning - Kids love Bump games!!!

    FREEBIE Multiplication and Division Key Word cards to cut up and sort. Also Key Word Posters for multiplication and division by Games 4 Learning

    Division Games FREEBIE from by Games 4 Learning. Contains 2 printable NO PREP Division Games

    FREEBIES - Multiples and Division Pick, Flip and Check Cards Freebie by Games 4 Learning - The fun way to review multiples and division facts!

    Teaching Division with Cuisenaire Rods by Education Unboxed. A quick video about how to teach division using Cuisenaire rods. Division is no problem at all if children are used to doing multiplication with the rods because the "picture" is exactly the same.

    Ms. Cao's 4th Grade Math: Dividing with Remainder & Using Multiplication Fac...

    Ultimate Guide to Hands-On Math for 2nd, 3rd and 4th Grade

    Fun Ways to Teach Beginning Division - Teach Beside Me

    Two books for teaching division! 1. Divide and Ride 2.The Great Divide ... Teachers could read before starting a lesson on division

    I love using books to teach division concepts. It really helps connect the story/ real life problem with the math concept.

    Strategy for teaching division along with more helpful tips for teachers!

    Meet Sir Remainder! A visual and auditory way of introducing students to the 3 Interpret Remainder strategies of: share it (divide food or money as a fraction or decimal), ignore it (don't include the remainder at all), and round it (add one more to the quotient).

    Math Running Records! They are here.

    Use a pocket folder to create a "Mastery Pocket" and store flashcards. Brilliant!

    Representing Division-FREE Worksheet where students represent division using repeated subtraction, grouping model, array, and number line.

    Homemade ChutesLadders and other family math nite games. Very good ideas!

    Here are some PlayDoh mats for practicing division concepts.

    Division: Great game!I watched in a fourth grade classroom. The kids were excited & engaged in this activity!

    Why Should I Teach More Than One Way to do Computations? The Division Procedure, Part Four

    Teaching Division with Partial Quotients: Moving from Concrete to Abstract Models - Guest post from Tara of the Math Maniac blog who

    Elementary Math Project Idea ~ this creative fun requires skill-based learning

    Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons: Division, Prepositions, and Robert Munsch!