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3.OA.2 Division Strategies

Division strategies anchor chart and printables!

Division- "In place of the traditional method for division, Marilyn Burns shows how to teach students with the ladder method. Students divide a dividend with multiples of ten rather than break the dividend apart..."

Long Division for Kids who Can't Multiply: A smartboard lesson that teaches both the teacher and students how to complete long division problems with and without remainders.

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Modeling Division

Math Coach's Corner: Modeling Division. All the elements of CRA instruction are in this one lesson--concrete (manipulatives), representational (drawing the pictures), and abstract (the fact families).

Math Antics - Long Division. I just finished watching this and I am seriously going to use it to teach long division tomorrow. It is the best movie out there so far.

Teachers Pay Teachersfrom Teachers Pay Teachers

Division Strategies

Division: Teachers Pay Teachers offers this great anchor chart that shows various division strategies students can use!

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How to Divide Decimals

six tips for division with decimals