Big 7 Division Strategy

Long division worksheets ... free... using graph paper keeps the numbers lined up!

An excellent resource to hand out to the students when teaching about types of Quadrilaterals. It can be used with my Quadrilateral Booklet Project which can be found in my TpT Store at FREE

6 Tips on How to Divide Decimals

multiplication trick using hands {YouTube video}

Here is a great way to solve division problems - the partial quotient method. I love this way more than the standard algorithm, and so do my students!

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"Big 7" Division Strategy- Repeated subtraction with estimation

Division- "In place of the traditional method for division, Marilyn Burns shows how to teach students with the ladder method. Students divide a dividend with multiples of ten rather than break the dividend apart..."


Division Strategies Foldable- teach different strategies so every student can be successful!

Division Strategies anchor chart

Division anchor chart

Division Strategies that meet your students needs! $

Division Anchor Chart


I believe that this is a good list of strategies for students to use with division. It will help them get started on dividing something within a word problem.

14 page FREEBIE!!! Fun game for practicing division skills!

Long Division Flip Books-good idea for the steps of certain math strategies

divisibility rules

3rd Grade Math common core Problem Solving strategies | ... you use? Math chart to help with word problems. * by tommybahamagirl