64 Non-Candy Halloween Snack Ideas

This is such a cute idea for Halloween.........JACK-O-LANTERN ORANGES!

Easiest Halloween Snack! http://www.supercouponlady.com/2012/09/easiest-halloween-snack.html/

This would be fun - more affordable alternative to pumpkins for all...then...eat them! Or just have them everywhere!!

Peachy Pumpkins - cute snack for halloween party for kids. You could also do this with mandarin orange fruit cups...

Healthy Halloween Snack


Healthy Halloween ! ...bananas w/chocolate cookie chip eyes and mouths... Mandarin orange slices w/ pieces of celery for stems...

Healthy Halloween class snack! Now if I can just keep the kids out of them for the next few days:)

Healthy Halloween Treats for Kids - school parties or trick or treat

Halloween snacks...since Arthur is the bread man, now...we will be doing this one, for sure...haha

halloween fun food

Easy Halloween Snacks you can give to students or have them make themselves!

Super easy and healthy Halloween snacks #halloween #inteligentnystyl www.amica.com.pl

Gross Halloween snacks

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