This would be Hi-larious to do as a pregnancy photo! *adds to list*


This blog has so many cute pregnancy photos

Pregnancy Photo

THIS is how you do pregnancy photos.


cute birth announcement idea

Pregnancy & Maternity photos

Sweet Sweet Sweet

Belly Bandit® Post Pregnancy Band helps shrink and tighten abdomen and uterus post pregnancy.

Pregnancy Picture with Other Kids

wedding announcement

Yes, cute picture, but if I ever have the opportunity to have my picture taken @ 6 mos pregnant with my 7-month-old child... Well, let's just say that's a photo op that's not at the top of my wish list.


Cute way to announce a pregnancy

When I have my second baby I am so doing this as the pregnancy announcement, but with the due date on it.

Creative pregnancy photos

Love the dad getting involved in the belly photos. If he only knew what it's really like to be pregnant!

Fun Maternity Picture Idea (chrissy perkins photography)

This would be a cool pregnancy photo