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Enchanted Ladybug Creations: Snowman Poops & Grinch Pills.. 8-)

Reindeer Poop for the boys on the Bus...

kaitysmom.jalbum.... Saw this and thought it was totally cute for our Christmas Party Favor

Make your own "Snowman Poop" stocking stuffer with tic tacs and this FREE printable!

snowman poop. Hilarious for my 4 yr old boy :)

Reindeer Poop: A Silly Stocking Stuffer To Make | Organized Christmas

Pumpkin poop---just add cheese balls...HOW FUNNY! :)

Reindeer Poop Poem Santa looked at his list, he even checked it twice. and he found out you, haven't been very nice. since coal is so expensive, here's the inside scoop.... Santa is filling your stocking with Lots of Reindeer Poop!

Grinch "Pills" - too cute. Most everyone could use a few this holiday season ~ I love this

Reindeer Poop, Grinch Pills and Snowman Poop.

Snowman and Reindeer Poop Tags