Bachelorette idea. Gonna have to do this for my best friend when she gets married!

HILARIOUS! Asked to bring panties for the bride as a gift. Have guests bring the panties unwrapped, but make sure the Bachelorette doesn't see guests walking around w them. put panties in a bag. Bachelorette will reach into bag & pull out 1 pair of panties. she then shows the panties & tries to identify who bought them. Remember the panties should be a reflection of the person who brought them. If the Bachelorette guesses right then the guest drinks & if she guesses wrong then she drinks

OKAY--- nasty, but kinda funny. Bachelorette Party Idea - instead of making traditional Jell-O shots use condoms instead! Much more fun and what a better occasion!

Bridal Shower gift - have every bridesmaid kiss the paper and leave the bride with a great take home gift!

do it yourself photography backdrops | this do it yourself life size polaroid is an adorable idea for your ...

BEFORE AND AFTER bachelorette party or wedding

Mimosa bar... I want this for the day of the wedding when the bridal party is getting hair, makeup done.

bachelorette scavenger hunt

Awesome idea, slip these in the bachelorette party invitations so there will be no guessing of which size to buy the brides gift

Bachelorette idea..I like the added touch of labeling the alcohol of choice in the mugshots ha

Bachelorette Party ideas

Bachelorette party gift ideas for the bride to be. Buy a couple different shades of lipstick and a frame. Have everyone kiss and sign the frame. Make sure to get a group photo! Makes for a very cute and inexpensive gift for the bride :) #bachelorette #party #ideas #diy #creative

Bachelorette party keepsake- mugshots and kisses!

Bridal shower: everyone brings a new pair of underwear which represents their personality have to guess who brought what, bride gets to keep all! (I'm not normally a game person, but I think this could be fun)

Bachelorette party idea! Have each girl leave a kiss or two for the bride! Could be done in any shape! Then gift it to the bride! Perfect for a little girls room too! Dress up bday party!

Beer & Bra Bachelorette Party

Bra pong Bachelorette games #bachelorette All guests give a bra for the board. Bride has to throw a ping pong ball into a bra and guess who it belongs to!

little black dress bachelorette party, love this!!

cute bachelorette party ideas

Lingerie shower idea lol like the touch of lingerie hanging in room as decor