Those eyes! They make you melt!

What a pretty dog! #australianshepherd

Bernese Mountain Puppy

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Lexi the German Shepherd

Mini Australian Shepherd... sooo cuteeeee

Aww, how could you say no to those eyes? German Shepherd Puppy.

Australian Shepherd puppy.

om nom nom//

Red Merle Australian Shepherd

O-M-G! How adorable and tiny is this? I can't imagine having a pup that small...but LOVE this cutie!!!

australian shepherd brothers

australian shepherd!

Australian Shepherd Puppy

Australian Shepherd

Are you an Australian Shepherd person?: Find out if this intelligent breed is for you. | Dog Fancy

Australian Shepherd


Remember, sometimes the best therapy is to just hang out in the sunshine like this cutie. #dogslife Even teachers need a break.