Best friends. Helen "I'm moving to Sarnia! All my other friends suck!" Her mom "Whet would you live? I don't think Heather would let you move in. " Me" Why wouldn't I?" Lol.

Best friend shirts!!! @Amanda Snelson W Bc your sister doesn't pinterest.... we could've rocked these :)

Best friends? More like sisters

good friends vs best friends #quotes

this will be me and my best friend!

Love my best friend till death do us apart. Hes the only one whose always there no matter what time of the night and we judge ppl together

The most beautiful people I've ever met are my besties

25 Ways Your Life Changes When Your Best Friend Moves Away. Seriously, the anticipation is making you all sorts of incoherent. @ecugirl16

i love this so much.

Break her heart, I'll break your face. @Isabella Gibson

Best Friend

@Gracia Gomez-Cortazar Folger we need to do this

Best friend quote

Best Friends


haha yeah! sorry I'm not pinning pics of me and my Besty but I don't like pinning myself and letting strangers see so sorry and no i'm not friends with taylor swift or Selena Gomez just they're friends so.

To my best friend :)