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✶Guess what this type of washing area is for? Your clue is the dishes on the floor to the right...✶

More than 2 ppl should mean more laundry machines!! .... Now if only someone would invent a folding machine!

Laundry in the closet!? Why hasn't this been done in every house? I would totally do laundry if it was right next to my clothes!

Laundry room with a dog bath. Very, very necessary home addition. I think it would be useful for muddy children too.

DREAM! i would love laundry if this room was in my house!

Love the pet washing area! This can double as a kid wash station as well! haha Makes a good 'mud room/laundry'

Laundry room with dog wash....

I'm not sure if you'd call this Misson style or-? Anyone want to weigh in on this? The best part about this is you think it's a kitchen but it's really a luxuriously appointed laundry room!

this would totally make up for years of communal apartment laundry rooms

This is a good layout for an organized laundry room. I have nice stainless steel front loaders and the laundry/utility room in my townhouse looks similar to this.

Great tweak on classic design to have a spot for the pet bowls. Mud room. Laundry room. More tips... www.iFinishedMyBa...