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Pomegranate Ice 'Cube' Hearts by 17apart #Valentines #Hearts #Ice_Cube

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Lavender ice cubes

Flavored butter recipes. Give with a loaf of bread for family gifts at Christmas.

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Champagne + ice cream

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Freeze coffee and toss in baileys. Nice.

Valentine's Day White Chocolate Bark Bites with M&M's

Chocolate-Strawberries-In-An-Ice-Cube-Tray (Gotta Try This One) Ingredients: 1 plastic ice tray 12 medium strawberries 12-oz bag of choc chips(dark or reg) Melt chocolate chips and stir till smooth. Fill each ice cube slot about 2/3 full with chocolate. Place one strawberry in each slot. Place tray in refrigerator and chill for at least one hour until chocolate is set.


homemade heart sugar cubes #valentine www.okcucina.it

Heart Kabobs

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Lemon Ice Cube - use boiled water and the cubes will remain clear after being frozen

hearts inside cake-- how to

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