man's best friend

Such a cutie!

Puppy...Italian Greyhound, I had one named Chloe looked just like this one. I named my Leopard Turtle after her, in her memory.

5 Interesting Facts about Pit Bulls :)

don't abuse the defenseless

OMG, that face how sweet, what a photo!!

A gorgeous tri-color pup

Pitbull pup...look at that face :)

Rottweiler Pup...I don't wanna give in, but its gonna happen Justin has his heart set and who am I to tell him no =)

puppy face

So sweet

Remember, sometimes the best therapy is to just hang out in the sunshine like this cutie. #dogslife Even teachers need a break.


oh so sweet

Another cutie


Jack Russell Terrier

puppy face

sweet face shepherd