Lavender cocktails!

Naturally Flavored Water -- An easy formula for making an endless variety of fruit and herb infused waters. Say goodbye to soda, juice, and bottled water with these refreshing, healthy "spa water" flavors!


Watermelon Lemonade - looks so refreshing!

strawberry lemonade with thyme and mint

pink lemonade

Brazilian Lemonade - this is one of the best drinks you will ever try in your entire life. Hands down.

Summer Fruit Mojitos


fruit and water.....

All of the non-alcoholic drinks on this page look awesome. The someday fiancé may give me weird looks but I think it would be neat to provide the non-drinkers something more uncommon than soda at our reception.

fresh squeezed lemonade with raspberry ice cubes

Vodka strawberry lemonade. BEST DRINK EVER!!!

1 bottle white wine, 3 cans Fresca, fresh fruit = best sangria ever. I kid you not.

Moscato Punch... what do you think Amy Winkel? Farkel? Amy says "YES!! Bring it on!!!" I'll bring an extra large cup:)

healthy summer drinks -- glass jar mugs

9 Fabulous Drink Recipes for Girls Night in ...

Pink grapefruit mojitos.

Layered Drinks

Für den ganz besonderen exotischen Farbspritzer im heißen #essieSommer ist #madisonavehue die richtige Wahl. Denn eine knallpinke Abkühlung hat bekanntlich noch nie geschadet!