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    These 10 common house plants help purify or clean indoor air in addition to good ventilation and air filters.

    I would love to have bamboo plants displayed in my home in eclectic vases and potters

    top 10 air filtering plants! @Erik Rannala Nystul

    Top 10 NASA Approved Houseplants for Improving Indoor Air Quality – Page 2...

    8 indoor plants that make your house smell good and purify the air. Lavender and Mint as houseplants!

    Top 15 Air Purifying Houseplants According To NASA

    How to Improve Indoor Air Quality Naturally ... best kid and pet friendly plants for filtering indoor air

    apartment friendly plant options for those of us (mainly me) who tend to kill plants...

    How to easily grow your own ginger indoors

    Great vertical plant stand

    These several plants were in fact extremely beneficial to air quality, and “filter” the air through their photosynthesis process.

    Best house plants... easiest to grow, best looking. Tells how much to water and what temps are best for each plant... plus the benefits of each plant!

    Succulents Plant Care Guide. I always get succulents because I think they're easy to keep...which they are, but not if you don't know how to take care of them. Which I, apparently, don't. ;)

    Ten Houseplants That Clean Indoor Air. Looking at all the lists like this, I'm thinking that probably ALL houseplants "clean the air."

    Yes, there are some plants that require a lot of maintenance including proper soil, specific water temperature, trimming of any dead leaves and frequent waterings. But who's got time for all that?! Jade might be the easiest house plant ever, and only requires water every once in a while. Aloe plants are also easy to care for indoors. Want to know more? Follow along as eBay shares five house plants that are super low-maintenance, and may give you a green thumb after all!

    19 houseplants that actually CLEAN the air in your home and get rid of toxic chemicals!

    5 Overlooked Plants That Can Survive The Dark (Almost). You will not kill these plants for lack of light.

    How to plant and care for raspberries. Wish I'd found this last fall!

    Itsy Bits and Pieces: More From the 2013 Bachmans Spring Ideas House...Part Two

    Such a unique way to display air plants.

    Indoor garden. For more home ideas: www.residentialat...