Wall mounted cat scratch pads. DIY it, and use Manx by FLOR, or any cut loop carpet samples.

Make a DIY scratch board for your cat in minutes with just a few materials! #PetLifeHack

Cat-A-Comb Grooming Corner }} needed and liked as long as it doesn't take off the paint. great for home owners.. ruin a rental and it comes out of your security deposit E

Méchant Design: last days celebration

Wall Mount Scratching Post for Cats

Cat shelves - Or more specifically the wall scratching pad.

Vintage teacup as a kitty dish. Cat with class.

To give my indoor cats a new challenge I made them a climbing wall. It takes up very little space and could be fitted in any small room or apartment.

This sofa saver. -- OMG, I need to make these!!! Luckily I know how to sew, and I have some heavy-duty canvas that will serve as a good base.

IKEA Hackers

Cardboard boxes cut into strips for scratching 'post'

Cat Scratching Tree

DIY cat shelves

Oh, litter box problems! I hope this works!

cat scratching pad using scrap cardboard. cats dig this stuff. duh!

Amazing cat furniture will have your cat climbing the walls and ceiling - I don't have a cat, but I'm almost tempted to get one, just to do this, LOL

Make your own cat trees, towers, scratching posts, and houses

DIY cat tree made from an old wooden ladder, outdoor carpeting, left over wood and jute wrapped around the bottom for a scratching post. Hammock is just material and a towel. Super fun, cheap and easy to make!

so fancy: make it: traffic cone cat scratching posts

this is one of the best pinterest I have ever used... not only does it eliminate the litter falling everywhere out of the box... but it keeps nosy little dogs from looking for treats...TMI ... I know... but if you have both you know it is the truth...

Door protector, dog scratching (DIY out of computer chair mat)