School Book Sandwiches - these are so cute. What a fun end-of-school party food or to sneak into a lunchbox!

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Adorable: Edible books made of white chocolate and fruit leather. Who thinks of this?

Got To Check This Man!! Cool And Creative Food Art Ideas #fun #funidea #funideas #teddybear #teddy #cute #cutie #dessert

Soft Rainbow Sandwich Bread: Fun for kids' lunches! How cool would this be.

I think I'll use this for Ethan's birthday treat for school this week.

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My own little Miss Piggy, a.k.a. Ella Nutella, will l-o-v-e these cute sandwiches with her all time favorite sandwich spread. Thank you, Tiffany Yang, for sharing all or your yummy food ideas

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How to Make Yogurt Bars - great kid food! Perfect for an at-home healthy snack kids will love.

Grape caterpillars - 25 Ways to Put a Creative Twist on School Lunches

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Cookie cutter sandwiches nice idea for tea sandwiches Yes??! But I used to make these little sandwiches for my children for lunch. Got to the point, I had to make some and bring them to the lunch room for the other kids..they ALL loved them. Made them for birthday pool parties too. Who wouldn't enjoy eating a pretty little sandwich...?? Seriously :)

It's time to play with your food! Try this fruity snack sailboat for an easy after school treat.

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Fun Food

Have fun with your food sandwich art!

Apple & grape car snacks