Little Fishy Cupcakes - so adorable and so easy to make!

.my oldest brother will eat the pretzel first...I know it cause he goes cray cray 4 pretzles

Owl cupcakes | Easy owl cupcakes | Pink & Lime green colors for a girls birthday party so cute!

Rainbow Fish Cupcakes - pretty, colorful, yummy and very easy to make. We promise, anyone can do it! All you need are cupcakes, frosting and M&M's. For more fun cupcake decorating ideas follow us at

Cute octopus cupcakes made from gummy worms and cup drops. Smiles made with Wilton's black food-writer and eyes made from Wilton candy eyes glued with icing.

Cute for a under the sea themed party

Crawling Crab Summer Cupcake Recipe

Adorable free Cupcake Cake tutorial by! Perfect for beach or summer themed parties! online cake decorating tutorials & recipes!

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Clown fish (Goldfish) cupcakes by simply-cupcakes. What a cute idea for a kids party.

under the sea

Easy FIsh Cupcakes - so adorable and so easy to make! For more cupcake decorating ideas follow us at

How great and easy are these?

Swimming party maybe sweetish fish instead!

I love this cupcake bouquet idea! An edible floral cupcake cake. Easy to DIY or to buy at retail bakeries! So many possibilities. Easy and

Fishies in the Sea - Cute Cupcake Decorating Ideas - How to Decorate Cupcakes -

"Hamburger" Cupcakes...This is so cute, I can't wait to make them :)

My son’s class took their end of the year trip to the aquarium.  They were so excited for this trip.  I figured to add to the fun I would send in a treat for them.  I decided to do cupcakes that look like fish. I surfed Pinterest for some ideas …

mickey and minnie: so easy, so cute!

Yet more baked goods ideas, fish bowl cake pops! ~~ I like these, because you actually *want* the edge from setting them down.

Cupcake Bouquet