Ohhh you better believe if I have a child with a fall birthday this will be happening! Wish my mom would've done it with my October birthday!

This might be the cutest sibling photo I've seen

photo back drop - using wrapping paper....CUTE IDEA FOR CHRISTMAS CARDS!

Most important date in a child's life! I LOVE this!!


You’ll hear all kinds of advice about what women should do to conceive. Here are 7 of the common wrong ideas and 7 that are actually correct.

Baby Photography Ideas Baby Smiling Mirror maybe for Carson in the fall if he can sit up?

Emily's Little World | St. Louis children's newborn maternity senior photographer: Ann's Little Family {St. Louis Family Child Baby Photographer} Maybe something like this for RJ? It doesn't have to be cereal...maybe small toys or flowers?

Love mirrored reflections, especially of children, they are so enthralled, the sky is the limit with imagery.

Editing Day Mug (I probably need this as a big old sign to hang on my office door... or on a t-shirt!).

Such a cute birthday idea!

A Day's Dream; love love this photo.

Carrie Small Photography » Fayetteville Stedman NC Children Newborn Photography

Take a picture every season with your kiddos for a collage in your hallway! I love this idea for when Im a momma one day :)

Do a photo of the baby with the main craving you had!

"laundry basket growing chart...cute idea."

what a great idea!

I did this with Autumn so glad I did! 1st Birthday (This is MY sweet one year old baby boy!!! Picture by kuflik photography in Glendale, AZ :) by celina.net @Christy Polek Polek Polek Polek Polek Polek Fuhrer for Austin's first bday photo shoot on Sunday!

take this pic every year

I must have one for my 2nd child

For this child we have prayed