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especially at school with those dryers!

Tall Girl Problem You can't dry your clothes, because they will shorten. I may not be considered tall, but I have long legs and totally have this problem -Jenn

I hate being able to see my ankles!! So if the pants aren't longs I'm not buying

This is seriously the biggest prob I have finding jeans that reach my ankles when I'm riding my horses 😁

oh my gawd, every single one of my friends are the shortest people ever lol

This used to be me - like 5 yes ago, but now ice got a lot of average height friends & tall friends

Ginger....you know who you are.....

Kendra, 22 years old, theoriginaltgpFor all the beautiful tall girls and the problems we have to endure.

These are the funniest....and kind of depressing all at the same time!

These are the funniest.and kind of depressing all at the same time! ( Seriously true & slightly depressing)

Tall Girl Problems: Or, as I like to call it...The tall girl's 7 basic yoga shower positions. I won the gold medal in this event when I was on vacation in Ireland.

Tall Girl Problem When you have to do the awkward slouch/head tilt in the shower just to reach the shower head and wet your hair. {How many shower heads are installed by hobbits?

Tall girl problem #152 And on top of this, forget ever wearing heels yourself and not being stared at like you are the Jolly Green Giant

How about Short girl problem: you are not as tall as your friends even though you're wearing heels and they're not.