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    The Lykoi cat ("wolf-cat") - a new breed in development. Stunning!

    Lykoi - yes please!

    There’s a new breed of cat silently lurking in the moonlight: the Lykoi, or Werewolf Cat (lykoi from the Greek word meaning “wolf” – so, literally, ‘wolf cat’). I kid you not, this a real “up-and-coming” breed of cat that’s being developed by a group of breeders who initially worked with hairless cats.

    A cat breed so new, it's just beginning to be shown at cat shows. The Lykoi (li-coy), Greek for wolf, is sometimes called The Werewolf Cat. They are a natural mutation that is being carefully bred to create a new officially recognized cat breed. Do you think they're cute or not?

    New weird breed of "werewolf" kitty- the Lykoi- a Sphinx mutation.

    lykoi cat, a new breed werewolf cat @Kelly Teske Goldsworthy Teske Goldsworthy Teske Goldsworthy Vordale

    Beautiful color and markings, breed?

    Hold my paw dahhhling

    Margay kat

    Extraordinary New Cat Breed Looks Like Wolf… You Have Probably Never Seen A Cat Like The Lykoi!

    lykoi cat

    exotic cat breed

    Rare Cat Breeds | This particular breed of Bengal Cat by SUE FEENEY

    Gorgeous coloration and beautiful green eyes, what a stunning kitty!

    The Himalayan ~ is a breed or sub-breed of long-haired cat identical in type to the Persian, with the exception of the blue eyes and point coloration.

    Calico cat! My favorite breed! Look at that fur! Isn't it just gorgeous!

    Where'd the cat go?


    Black Oriental Shorthair Cat.....stunning