The Lykoi cat ("wolf-cat") - a new breed in development. Stunning!

New weird breed of "werewolf" kitty- the Lykoi- a Sphinx mutation.

There’s a new breed of cat silently lurking in the moonlight: the Lykoi, or Werewolf Cat (lykoi from the Greek word meaning “wolf” – so, literally, ‘wolf cat’). I kid you not, this a real “up-and-coming” breed of cat that’s being developed by a group of breeders who initially worked with hairless cats.

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Savannah cat -- photo by Hale Stone Savannah Cats. These are huge cats, some up to 30 lbs! The father is a wild Serval and the mother a domestic cat.

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kitty. Isn't he just cute?!

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This is what my kitty is starting to look like scares me I think they're beautiful but is it a Bengal or something? No not a Bengal Tiger obviously. But what breed is it?

Both of these kitties have heterochromia iridum, a genetic trait in which the eyes are two different colord


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There's a breed of cats called Munchkins, and they have really short legs. I do not like cats at all, but if I did, i would get one of these. Jen for you!

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And this insanely adorable little werewolf kitten. | 39 Photos For Anyone Who's Just Having A Bad Day

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The Toyger, beautiful cat breed!