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  • Anke Petabyte

    STREET ART / URBAN ART Homer & Donuts

  • Willow Collins

    Donuts' escalator. The Simpsons' Movie by Gabriel Russo, via Behance. Street Art - Graffiti - Urban culture.

  • Megan Miller

    Simpsons guerrilla marketing. Mmm... metal donuts!

  • Wyldstyles

    HOMER SIMPSON ESCALATOR | mmmmmmmm....... donuts #homersimpson

  • Silas Kemmer

    Advertising The Simpsons through this giant Homer at the end of the escalator. Very #commercial ads #interesting ads #funny commercial ads #funny ads #funny commercial|

  • Sande Mayott

    Arte Callejero / Street Art. Clever. #streetart #arteurbana #urbanart #arte #art #rua #street #homer #simpson

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