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80s/early 90s Toys, Part 2

Continuing my visual retrospective of 80s/early 90s toys. Garbage Pail Kids Get Along Gang - Here's an episode of their cartoon Get In Shape Girl Holly Hobby Hugga Bunch Dolls Inhumanoids - My brot...
  • Jill Haley

    Holly Hobby: not sure why I was obsessed with this in the 70s but I was

  • Carole Walker

    Holly Hobby . I had a HH lunch box and a pair of HH pants.

  • Sara Byars

    Holly Hobby i had a doll like this that I believed that Santa dropped through the window for me bc we didn't have a fireplace. It was my favorite rag doll for years. :( wish i had some childhood memories saved!

  • Kelly Smeltz

    <3 Holly Hobby. I had a Holly Hobby doll when I was a little girl. :)

  • Kathryn Sayre

    My daughters had a Holly Hobbie themed bedroom back in the 1979 - early 80s

  • Brigitte G

    Holly Hobby, I remember this growing up

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Fisher Price vintage A-frame doll house - Eve Trombley if I ever see one of these, I will buy it for you!

holly hobby, love her....I had the complete bedding set and curtains and two of the dolls for my bed...

Vintage Holly Hobbie. Aka Scarface. (I had one of these when I was little and apparently I decorated her with sharpie so Dad renamed her for me.)

I still have this doll! Strawberry kiss. And you can still lightly smell her berry kisses after all this time. (-:

I can't remember what I had Holly Hobbie-like. I think I had curtains. I probably had a doll. I just know that seeing the prints Throws me back hard to my childhood & gives me happy thoughts!

Vintage Holly Hobbie Doll...holy sh*t I'm clearly getting old,I had one of these

This is the same as the one I had

Holly Hobby colorforms! I loved *anything* that was Holly Hobby back in the day. (Do they even MAKE Colorforms anymore?)

I LOVED holly Hobbby!!! i was sooo happy when my mom decorated my room at age 5 all in Holly Hobbie!! My favorite dress too was one my mom made me that was Holly Hobby!

I loved Holly Hobbie! My room was decorated in her for a while,and I had a "Holly Hobbie" lunch box =)

Beautiful Holly Hobbie collection by halloweve 1977, Flickr