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Longer Hair



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If my hair could do this (if I could learn to do this with my hair) I'd cut it like this! I also LOVE the color, but I could never go red

Men's this vintage look. Love it but would have know idea how to cut it but would def like to learn

Pretty much what my roots to the mid part of my hair looks like, can't wait for it to be all this color!!!

Yohan Daverton, his hair is so freaking tall I'm left wondering just exactly how short is this rather effeminate weirdo?

GETTING MY HAIR CUT SOON THINKING SOMETHING LIKE THIS gtg hopefully I get something good my grandmas making me :(

I'm doing Shelbie's hair for the homecoming parade and she wants something half up half down. What about this?

There is always something trending. Whether it is on Twitter or on the runway, some fad is always trendy and hip at any given moment.

Extra Long Ponytail Trick (How To Fake Longer Hair) - now if only I could style my own hair!

Girlfriend is workin' that white hair. Love it!