This is something I DEFINITELY need for my headbands. Use an oatmeal can or something similar.

Headband holder....All you need is an oatmeal can, a candlestick, spray paint, hot glue, modge podge and scrapbook paper....and additional hair ties can be stored inside! I need one of these

Ribbon Headband Holder

The Good Life: DIY Headband Holder

DIY headband holder | Baubles & Babbles

DIY headband.

DIY Headband Holder and STORAGE for hair goods! @Abby Christine Rajkowski we should do something like this for the prom headbands

SUPER cute & easy bow holder for a baby girl :)

Headband Holder {Tutorial}

soup can and glass beads and hot glue. paint the inside with cheap acrylic in coordinating shade.

store those wayward headbands! #organize

organize ribbon with tic tac containers

Did you know that toilet paper rolls fit perfectly inside oatmeal cans?! Cover with scrapbooking paper and place in your bathroom!

What to Make Out of a Crystal Light Container

A Father's Day gift Idea

Trash To Treasure: Girls’ Headband Holder « Excuse the Mess :

Organizing hair elastics

Father's Day

make your own kindle or ipad cover: old book, fabric, elastic and glue.

headband holder