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This anti wrinkle facial scrub has 3 essential oils known for their anti-aging and skin-firming properties on the skin: lavender, frankincense and geranium. for more skincare DIY ideas, visit

Why wash with honey? It is the perfect pH to balance the scalp. It also has antibacterial and antifungal properties, which can help heal dandruff. Additionally, it cleans hair without stripping the natural oils. That means the oil production of the scalp will normalize and hair will become softer.

DIY sugar body scrub I just did this with coconut oil and sugar in the raw, and it worked perfectly! My legs are insanely soft!

71 Of The World's Best Homemade Soap Recipes

Why you should put honey on your face. I haven't had to use moisturizer, and after the second time, a lot of the blackheads and junk that are usually too deep to get rid of were pulled to the surface and easily removed. Also, my skin feels smoother and looks more even-toned. GREATEST facial ever!

Homemade body wash. maybe add a little rosemary, a little mint, a little something #interior design #modern house design #home interior #luxury house design #room designs|

DIY body scrub: Sea salt, raw sugar, coconut oil, sweet orange essential oil (or another scent) Party favor? Christmas present??

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Homemade Coconut Oil Lotion

Coconut oil lotion - 1 cup coconut oil; 1 tsp vitamin E (can just use capsules) Mix with electric mixer for 7 min and Done! For those of us tired of paying for things we can make at home even better. It's fun and creative.