Interview your kids on video periodically. It's a blast to watch later on. Here are some question ideas.

Video Birthday Interview. I'm going to start asking my kid the same questions on his birthday every year.

Questions to ask your son

Financial advice for your kids ... teach 'em young!

50 questions to ask kids

Questions for kids

great questions for parents to ask kids at the end of the day.... instead of "what did you do today?"

14 things I want my daughter to know

Cute idea


30 Hilarious Jokes for Kids

A way for the kids to keep parents accountable for summer plans!


Ideas for the notes I put in the kids' lunch boxes.

7 things every kid needs to hear. Advice for moms and dad, teen help.

Birthday interview: do this each year and then make a book ♥

interview my kids as a record of their lives and interests right now on this first day of the new year

Great advice for dealing with kids who have stubborn personalities. Seriously, read this, these are awesome tips that make sense! Not just for toddlers :)

Love this idea!

20 Ways to “Reset” When the Kids Are Having a Hard Day...sometimes you just need a re-do. These are some really good ideas!!