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Saving Water: How Scarcity & Misuse is Threatening Our Planet .[Infographic]

Wealth Inequality in the Philippines is atrocious! But surprisingly its not any much better in the United States of America. The land of opportunity has become the land of inequality. Staggeringly So @.@ * "1% of America has 40% of the nations wealth" * "8 out of every 10 people ...only has 7% between them" * "The top 1% own half the countries stocks, bonds and mutual funds" #richgetRicher

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Water World

Infographic. Water World. The only way to understand and appreciate the importance of water to our lives is to look at the data flow.

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Infographic: The Unbelievable Scale of Marine Trash

What is the impact of our plastic use on the ocean's animal life? A new infographic from Project AWARE sheds a bit of light on the sheer scale of the problem, and the incredible number of animals affected by our plastic problem. Project AWARE states that as much as 6 million tons of disposable goods enter the ocean every year, and that the animals that live in the water are greatly affected.