Asia - China / Guizhou + Guangxi | Changjiao Miao woman wearing her traditional necklace and elaborate hair style | © RURO photography

China | Changjiao Miao woman wearing traditional costume and playing a bamboo flute. Guizhou Province | ©Bruno Morandi


Bai woman, Yunnan, China

india - orissa


Woman from Yemen

Mongolian traditional costume

Yi woman taken in northern Yunnan, China


Faces of China - Tajik Woman in Tashkurgan, Xinjiang

Xinjiang, China ❤❦♪♫


Sami father and child in traditional costume, Lapland

tibetan woman.

Long-horn Miao Minority of China. Changjiao Miao or “Long Horns," when directly translated, reflects the custom of animal horns being worn as head ornaments by tribe women for special occasions. It was only recently, in 1994, with the building of the highway to Longga, that these beautiful people and their culture have been revealed to the world.



Krobo woman, Ghana

A beautiful young lady from Tigrai, northern Ethiopia. She is wearing a traditional handmade cotton dress. The hair style is exclusive to the women of Tigrai.

China / Guizhou + Guangxi by RURO photography::